Why My HP Printer Won’t Print Color ?

Why My HP Printer Won’t Print Color ?

HP is an international brand that is known for making a huge range of printers that are used on both personal as well as on professional levels. The print quality of HP printers is excellent and it has the capability of printing pictures, text and images both in black & white or in colors. If you are facing difficulty with your HP printer not printing colors properly and you are wondering why won’t my HP printer print in color, then you landed on the correct page.

We are here to answer your questions regarding my hp printer won’t print in color questions. HP printer won’t print color can be a really simple problem like the empty cartridges only. The steps needed to resolve the printer won’t print in color issue has been provided by us in this article and all you have to do is to follow them carefully and properly to resolve the issue.

But before moving to the solutions, you need to figure out why your HP printer in not printing colors. In case, even after applying the steps given in this article, the problem is persisted, you can reach out to us for further guidance. We ensure you that we will not leave you until the problem is fixed.

Installed HP Printer Printhead
Installed HP Printer Print head

Various Procedures to Fix HP Printer Won’t Print Color Issue

Checking the Cartridge

  • For checking out the cartridge to be faulty or is running out of ink, you have to open the printer cover from front and take the printer cartridge out carefully.
  • Please check for the ink cartridge not being expired.
  • In case, if you find there is any issue with your printer like it is faulty or has being expired, then you left with no other option then to buy new one.
  • In case, if it is running out of ink, please refill it.
  • If, you don’t find any issue with your cartridge, then move on to the next procedure.

Cleaning Printer heads

  • You can clean the printer head by troubleshooting them.
  • You can do so by pressing the power button along with the resume button at the same time. The resume button needs to be pressed six times.
  • After you release the power button, the printer will automatically start the mild wash cleaning of the print heads.
  • Once done, try printing your document, if the problem is still there, then you have to repeat this process. But make sure to press the resume button five times now instead of six times for more moderate cleaning.
  • Again, try printing a document. If the problem still persists, then repeat this process one last time, with pressing the resume button seven times now for deep cleaning.

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