How to Connect the HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color Printer to WiFi

How to Connect the HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color Printer to WiFi

The HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 printer is one of the more affordable printer options within the HP LaserJet series. This has been recommended by a lot of people as well. Its functioning is fast, efficient and keeps in mind the requirements of the consumer. One of the key features in this device is the fact that it setups up and operates with the help of a WiFi connection. This will have to be connected by the user themselves. Make sure that you follow the points given in this article, as it is easy to keep up with also. Have a glance over at these points.

Step to Connect the HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 Color Printer to WiFi

  1. When you start out, make sure you have the printer removed from the box properly and is kept in a safe place. This will ensure you have your printer working for a long period of time as well.
  2. Usually along with the printer, you get the option of a user manual, make sure you keep this properly as it could be required at later stages of the setup process of the HP LaserJet Pro CP102.
  3. Once you have done the basics of putting together the printer and setting it up, you will then need to ensure you have the essentials like a printer driver downloaded as well.
  4. This can either be done with the help of the CD which is given to you at the time of buying or you can also download and install it from the 123.hp website where the instructions have been laid out clearly.
  5. Now after you have done all this, then you should also make sure to print a configuration report. This will help you determine if your HP LaserJet Pro CP102 printer has been able to locate the device at all or been able to locate the network.
  6. This will be visible from the report if the IP address on the device is visible and you can gauge from there. Switch on the button and make sure the light is on as well.
  7. On the printed report you will be able to see the status of the printer in use, and the network should also display the option wireless on it. Make sure you peruse for these details on your report.
  8. One should also check the IP address of the printout with the one for your own device and home. Match to see if is the correct one. You can also try to run software again and fix the smaller glitches which may arise in the course of things.

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